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Old cars and older buildings. Let's go back to Central Asia!

Yesterday, I got sucked down a rabbit hole of pre-Instagram photos I took while traveling through Central Asia. I embarked on this trip ten years ago after finishing up my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Jordan.

I traveled with two friends. We were ambitious and traveled on a shoestring budget. It was amazing.

I was so relieved when I was able to find folders of photos from the trip on an old external hard drive. I hadn’t seen most of them in ages. I instantly was searching for flights, reviewing visa policies, and reading travel articles. I haven’t done anything rash like buy a plane ticket… yet.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite photos.

Teal Lada Niva parked on the street in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Photo: Lada Niva parked on the streets of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Tighe Flanagan (2008).

The car above is everything I love about Central Asia. A souped up Lada Niva in teal, the color of the intricate tiles and masonry of centuries old cities. New (ish) meets old.

Red Lada parked in front of historic building in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Photo: Red Lada parked in front of the Ulugbek Medressa in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Tighe Flanagan (2008).

Speaking of Soviet cars, I love the contrast of this bright red Lada (above) parked in front of the oldest Madrassa in Central Asia, according to Lonely Planet. The blues and teals mixed with the beige brick is stunning.

The Kalon Mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Photo: People pass by the Kalon Mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Tighe Flanagan (2008).

One final photo to leave you with on this digital trip. Another pop of red with from a passerby's jacket (above). Beautiful teal tiled domes of the mosque, and beautiful blue tile work surrounding the entrance and the windows. Simply beautiful.

And on that note, let me return to scanning the internet for airfare…

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