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Pleat Jig for Mask Pattern

I've been using the mask pattern in my most recent batch of masks. In order to facilitate an efficient assembly line, I made a pleat jig.

The jig helps you fold the mask layers together with specific spacing, according to the pattern. The advantage of the jig is that you do not have to iron or pin, and the jig helps you sew through all the layers easily.

Download the PDF here. I recommend printing the parts on cardstock.

The jig is made for US letter-sized cardstock, 8.5" x 11". Make sure you print at 100% with no scaling.

Cut out as indicated in the PDF and assemble with a glue stick. Use an exacto knife to remove the stitching cutouts on the base and the cover sheets. I used my OLFA ESK-1 craft knife.

I hope this helps you make more masks more efficiently!

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