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3 piece acrylic template set with notches
3 piece acrylic template set comes in booklet packaging
Front and back of booklet feature hi-res project images
Finished quilt featuring the 4" Alhambra Leaf block
Seam side of the 4" Alhambra Leaf block

Alhambra Leaf Quilt Template Set (4" Block)

Handmade by Tighe Flanagan

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Set of 3 acrylic templates to help you make the Alhambra Leaf Quilt block. This template set is for 4" (finished) blocks. The templates are made of clear matte acrylic and include notches to help you mark your fabric for alignment during assembly.

Acrylic templates are great for making accurate repeat cuts and will make the rest of your project more successful!

Each set includes:

  • Base
  • Point
  • Combo

These templates are packaged in laser-cut cardboard and feature high-resolution photos to get your creative juices flowing. The acrylic pieces come covered with a protective film, which can be removed before use. The protective film may show evidence of burning from the laser cutting process, but the acrylic is protected underneath!

These templates are meant to be paired with the Alhambra Leaf Quilt Pattern. Buy both and get an automatic discount on the PDF pattern!