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Set of four templates displayed on dark floral print fabric.
Set of four templates displayed in cardboard packaging, unfloded.
Packing folded up displayed front and back, featuring vibrant high-res prints of patchwork.
Pieces of fabric cut out using templates and arranged on a design wall before assembly.
Detail photo of patchwork seams, pressed open.
Patchwork assembled, viewed from the front.
Patchwork assembled, viewed from the back.

Large Ottoman Rings Quilt Template Set

Handmade by Tighe Flanagan

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This listing is for a set of 4 templates to make the Large ring version of the Ottoman Rings Quilt! This set is meant to be paired with the Ottoman Rings Quilt digital pattern.

Each set includes the following

  • Hexagon Template (concave hexagon)
  • Rectangle Template (concave/convex rectangle)
  • Triangle Template (convex triangle)
  • Arc Template (1.5" thick finished)

Each template has marks to help you keep your cuts "on-grain" and in multiple orientations: the Rectangle Template includes 0º, 120º, and 240º alignments; the Triangle Template includes 0º and 180º alignments; the Arc Template includes 0º, 60º, 120º, 180º, 240º, and 300º alignments.

The matte clear acrylic gives visibility to the template marks on all types of fabric. The acrylic is 1/8" thick (standard quilting ruler thickness). This template set ships in an 8.5" x 11" cardboard protector with a keepsake quality cover.

The acrylic comes with protective adhesive film on each side. Remove this film to reveal the clear matte acrylic! Because of the nature of laser cutting, the film may also be burned at the edges or smell of smoke. The template is protected underneath!

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